Deciding Which Mattress Size to Choose for a Couple

When a couple decides to buy a new bed, they may want to read some mattress reviews if they aren’t sure which brand or type to purchase. One important question will be whether to choose a queen or king size. Most couples don’t want a double mattress because it’s quite small for two people. Some find the queen to be too small since it isn’t even as big as two single mattresses.

Space Considerations

One problem with the king bed is it takes up so much space in a bedroom. In a bedroom with relatively low square footage, a king bed can fill most of the room, perhaps only leaving space for a dresser and an area for people to walk. A frame with a shelving unit at the head can substitute for nightstands. A light could be installed at each side of the shelf.

The Guest Room

If the couple wants to buy a bed for a guest room, similar considerations come into play. They might be tempted to buy a double or queen bed for that room, figuring their guests who are couples won’t mind that just for a night or two. Yet the guests would probably really appreciate the roominess of the king bed, especially if that’s what they have at home. Trying to save money by choosing a double mattress is particularly inadvisable.


People who rent out cottages and vacation homes often learn about this preference by browsing online forums. They see that virtually nobody dislikes a king bed, while many travelers will not rent a place with only a double bed. They’re typically willing to accept the queen option, but they express a preference online for the larger one.

Thinking About the Future

A couple may figure the queen is fine for their own needs because they like to sleep snuggled up. If one of them develops a nasty cold, the other can sleep in the guest room or on the couch. Yet they may find one day that they like the option of not sleeping so close together while still being in the same bed. They can read reviews at a website like Ted & Stacey’s Mattress Guides.